Saturday, September 17, 2022

TAURUS, Since your Ruling Planet is Venus the Planet Love

Your Most Significant and  Auspicious day is base on Transit of VENUS. Below the Upcoming Transit of Venus.


In Orb Sep 17 2022, Already Sep 17 2022, Leaving Sep 20 2022

This is a painful time in your relationships, particularly if you are married or have an intimate partner. Sub-conscious patterns which have threatened the success of the relationship will come to the surface to be seen in the light of full consciousness. 

As a result your  relationship with your partner is likely to undergo changes, which at first seem uncomfortable, but which will ultimately prove healing. It is possible that your relationship ends, but it is also possible that it will grow in a new form. What was once an unhealthy state of affairs can now blossom once the wounds of the past have been healed. It is most likely that your most intimate relationship will be affected by this transits, but it is also possible that friendships will be influenced.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

How can TAURUS tap into Scorpio’s creativity?

 Tapping In The nature of your relationship with Scorpio will determine, to a large extent, how this creative exchange might work. 

The approach of a Scorpio boss, for example, would differ from that of a parent, lover, friend or colleague. 

Taurus and Scorpio Tapping into Each Other’s Creativity .

Friday, September 2, 2022

TAURUS, the Practical Mystic

  It sounds like something of an oxymoron. 

But there’s no other term for a pragmatic earth sign with the soul of a poet. 

You hear music in your blood, feel color in your bones and see language as a flowing tide.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

How TAURUS have a happy love relationship

  Your affectionate, dependable nature is likely to attract many prospects. But a long-term love relationship may not be easy for you Bulls. You can achieve lasting happiness in amor or a committed union, though, if you look closely at the trade-offs needed. 

Who will be fortunate for you financially TAURUS ?

 Some Signs of the zodiac can work like magic charms, for you Taurus, when it comes to advancing financially. 

A Gemini, for example,

How to bring more luck into your life TAURUS

Are some people luckier than others? 

It may seem so at times. 

But there are definite ways each astrological type can increase his or her good fortune. 

The sexual side of TAURUS

  You, Taurean, may not be openly demonstrative, but you are extremely affectionate and passionate when the drapes are drawn. 

Sex to you is fun and people with inhibitions about it are a puzzle to you. Romantic interludes for you are a pleasurable type of mental and physical tranquilizer. 

How TAURUS makes more money and keeps it

 Though you’re often slow to get started on the road to success, it’s money rather than a red flag that sets you Bulls in motion. 

Monday, August 29, 2022

How the TAURUS overcome relationship challenges

You Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love in Greek mythology.
This makes romance especially important to you. A loyal and affectionate lover, you have great appeal as a mate. In your case, however, Venus also represents money and possessions, which too often leads you to equate love with ownership. 

Friday, August 26, 2022

TAURUS LIFE ANSWER: How to improve your love life

 Within every Taurus heart, there’s a Rock of Gibraltar: steady, sure and everlasting in romance. 

Taurus represents “fixed earth,” but you can carry stony steadfastness too far. In affairs of the heart, don’t allow yourself to become too earthbound. You deeply enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and will enjoy bestowing upon your mate, fine foods, rich gifts and material mementos. 

Don’t, however, neglect food for the soul as well. Sing a love song in your mellow, distinctive voice. Quote Keats or Shelley instead of Dow Jones. 

In dealing with an amor, you’ll also benefit by incorporating traits of your opposite Sign of Scorpio. Emulate the spiritual, deep-feeling side of Scorpio to put more purple in your passionate moments. That should make a lovely contrast to the “green stuff,” money, you Taurus, have such a talent in gathering.

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